Sunday, December 8, 2013

Day 8: We are selling cabbages and lettuces in SVP!

For ALG incentivising the children and their families to be self-sufficient is a huge ambition. This is the reason why we are so moved when we receive good news about mini-projects such as the school farming plots in SVP - S. Vicente Paulo School in Chokwé. Share this emotion with us by reading what Hilário, our Local Technician in SVP, wrote to us late in the Summer!

"This was one of the greatest challenges in which we embarked on, and the reason why we are so happy with the current status of the farming plot.
Part of the lettuce harvested is applied to the children’s snacks in the After-School study centre classroom; the other part goes to the mothers, who unfortunately couldn’t receive any seeds (we could only afford to help 30 families [with the ALG distribution after the floods]).
The mothers buy the lettuces, from our farming plot, at the price of 8mt/kilo and resell them at 5mt/half a kilo. This is, without a doubt, the biggest source of income for these mothers! The remaining lettuces are destined to the neighbouring communities, and to the SVP teachers and staff.”

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