Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Congratulations Silvestre Quenha - University Scholarship Student

Another story that ALG is proud to share with all. Silvestre is the 1st student in ALG to have completed University Studies. He graduated from Accounting and Auditing in 2014, and sent us a tender testimony, another living proof that effort and hard work pay off.

“Climbing the mountain and contemplating the vast emptiness from the top can be rewarding. But nothing surpasses the difficult path walked, from the lower ground, and the obstacles felt during this journey to overcome life’s hindrances.”
In the first place I would like to thank God for the gift of life. For enlightening me in every step of the way. I would like to thank my family and Father Victor Estrada for incentivising me to continue to study, even through the hardships I was facing. He always told me not to be afraid of suffering, of difficulties, and to follow the example of Jesus in the desert and the pain He endured on the cross. So I’m very thankful for Father Victor Estrada’s encouragement. Without him I would have not continued my studies. I’m very grateful for his incentive and encouragement, for his kind and caring words whenever I needed them.
I thank my mother Marta and my aunt Albertina, who are no longer with us, who taught me to be who I am today. They are always present, in heart and soul, in all my accomplishments. I am like the branch which was destined to die of draught but because someone watered it, it ended up resisting and bearing fruits.
Finally I would like to thank, in a very special way, A Little Gesture, who placed me on a half built path and gave it a continuation and an end. This was the path for my university degree which was not an easy one, it came true with so many obstacles and hardships… but this is not the time to be sorrowful, it is time to sing in praise for the victories achieved in a record time. When I started in my class we had 75 students. On the 3rd year 25 of us had remained, plus 10 students from previous years. Some gave up due to several reasons, some failed halfway through, and now from the ones who began this journey with me only 8 concluded. It was not easy, this not attainable because one wants but because one can - due to hard work.
I’m really grateful for the gift and strength God gave me during this path, and particularly to A Little Gesture for all the support they gave me; specially sister Sara* and brother Bernardo, and all the ones who work with ALG to make this dream come true.
I dedicate this victory to all the ALG sponsored children in Santa Luísa de Marillac, where I was a dedicated student, where I want to be an example for all these children incentivising them to continue their studies.
In this world we are never alone. It is good to know we have friends and family to rely on – I’m referring to ALG, sister Sara and brother Bernardo (my sponsors) who supported me and who welcomed me with so much tenderness. It is true that I have been through very difficult moments and ALG has always been with me, comforting me and encouraging me. I thank God for meeting so many good people with an open and steady heart. I want to thank you sister Sara and brother Bernardo for everything, especially for always being by my side and for you constant support.
Sometimes when we are in such a state of happiness we are lost for words...
Khanimabo to all of you for all the support in so many areas!"

We want to continue to have cases like this. Silvestre is part of the 1% of Mozambican children who go to University and we wish increase in the number of our children who try to study for longer. For £1’000-£1’400 per year, ALG finances university fees and partial living costs to a small group of children with proven merit.

Make your Little Gesture and be a part of this path of success!  

*Sara Vicente is the Founding Trustee and Chairman of ALG UK and UPG Portugal. She also sponsors Silvestre’s university scholarship with her husband Bernardo on a personal basis.
Silvestre graduated from Accounting and Auditing in 2014. He is the 1st student in our organization to have completed uni studies. He is also a dedicated ALG Local Technician in our extensive intervention projects in the SLM - Sta Luisa Marillac School, Manjangue, Chokwé.