Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Local Testimony

Hello ALG here's a testimony from Maria do Rosário

My name is Maria do Rosário Vicente, I'm 47 years old and I sponsor 3 children in this great project called A Little Gesture. I left Lisbon on the 2nd of April, headed to Mozambique, with Ana Nina and Filomena Temudo from UPG Portugal, to meet the children sponsored by me, by my sisters and by my

I would like to thank ALG UK and UPG Portugal for the opportunity given to me, I feel very grateful for everything.
Firstly I would like to mention that I already thought that the work performed by this charity was huge, but I had no idea of the true extension of its immensity, intensity and dedication!
Since my first day I witnessed this Charity's work and commitment. It was quite an intense day filled with important meetings for the development of the Projects area. After a long and hard day under harsh weather conditions (40 degrees celsius), and feeling the weight of the day, we headed to Xai Xai (250 km).
The strong commitment of being present in meetings scheduled for the next morning helped us gather our strengths and leave Maputo during the evening on a 6 hour journey which included some unforeseen events.
Witnessing for the first time the distribution of the Charity's Monthly Basic Basket to the families was truly memorable. The access to the communities is difficult, the roads are not good and everything is very distant. We have to drive for miles to get to all the places we want to reach. I realised how important ALG's cause is. It is all reflected in the joy and gratitude of the Mozambican people. I had no idea of their immense needs and of how critical this Little Gesture is to help them “survive” and have access to education.
The feeling of GRATITUDE towards the Organization and its patrons is overwhelming, every child knows their personal sponsor under the portuguese sponsorship programme. We were wonderfully welcomed by the children and their carers. All of them showed us their happiness in a simple way by smiling, singing and dancing for us.
It was truly moving to realise that I am part of this help with My Little Gesture.   
May our good gestures do good deeds for others allowing them to carry a part of us with them throughout their lives!
Maria do Rosário Vicente