Tuesday, March 31, 2015

After-class Study Centre - New Photos

See the new photos from our After-class Study Centre project in SVP.
The ALG After-class Study Centres is an after class learning support programme sponsoring a space where the more underprivileged children, from the ALG intervention areas, can develop and strengthen their learning skills. The purpose of this after-school initiative is to promote study habits and interests for the children involved. This project is also focused in improving school results for the children in question and avoiding premature school abandonment. We benefit a total of c. 303 children (146 in SLM and 170 in SVP) who are in the UPG Portugal Sponsoring Programme, but also other students with poor academic results.
From 20£ ALG finances a year of After-class Support for a child!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Go ahead Cristiana!

Our dear Cristiana Reis is visiting Mozambique in April as a volunteer for UPG Portugal. Before that she is fundraising for the Ambitious School Meals Programme in SLM. It is her 3rd fundraising challenge for ALG and it is amazing to see the difference her effort has made for the lives of over 1’000 children in the ALG pre-schools and technical courses.  She has even bungee jumped for us!

Her target this time is £1’200 -  Let’s give her a hand?! Donate here 

Do you want to organise a different ALG challenge of your own? We help you, contact us

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Another lucky child!

Elsa is another child who thankfully no longer needs our help. She spent her school year under the UPG Portugal sponsorship Programme where she concluded the 11th grade. Now she is cooking meals for a group of farm workers who live nearby her house. We are so proud she grabbed her opportunity to become self –sufficient with the tools we gave her: a better education. Her family is still under our support as her sister Leonilda is under the Sponsoring programme.

Good luck for your future Elsa!

Monday, March 23, 2015

The Flowers’ Scholarships are back at EFI!

The Flowers’ Scholarships are back. They were delivered on the 5th of March, and once more promoted the 4 top students of the 4 and 5 year old classes. These awarded students excelled in their school results and performance throughout the year at EFI (Escolinha Flor da Infância). For ALG and Ribacapital, the scholarship sponsor, this is an extremely joyful and proud moment.
For the 4 year old students this Scholarship is composed by a single award (£35) converted in a Basic Basket and School Supplies. For the 5 year old students there is a multiannual scholarship (£355, with an annual allocation of £70) until the conclusion of their primary education, including not only a Basic Basket but also the opening of a savings account, jointly with the child’s parent or guardian, accessible only when the child reaches 18 years of age.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Rafael Baloi - Another story of success!

ALG loves happy and successful story telling so here’s another one… Rafael Baloi left the UPG Portugal Sponsoring Programme, he is 19 years old and was always a student with several learning challenges. Although he’s still attending the 8th grade he is also helping the Sisters in Manjangue. He is in charge of the banana trees and some gardens and he receives a small amount, each month, to be able support himself. According to Sister Lídia “he is a good, responsible and obedient young man”. Currently, Rafael is helped by ALG through the School Meals Programme in St. Luisa where we finance daily meals for around 800 children. He knows how to work well with cement bricks and will be responsible for the training in ALG technical courses to produce bricks, reservoirs and plantation of fruit trees.

We were so happy for Rafael that could find a future occupation that will support him and help to break the cycle of poverty.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Training for ALG Local Technicians

On February 28th, an ALG  local technicians training took place.  The training was provided by ALG General Coordinator Hilário and had as primary goal “to ensure that the field work is done with more efficiency, harmony, dedication, zeal, and recalling that is necessary to hear our technicians, their experiences, difficulties and suggestions on how we can improve our field work."
ALG works daily with 7 local partners and 15 technicians and mothers who ensure that ALG’s field work is done efficiently and reaches the largest possible number of people.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Happy International Women Day!

Today we celebrate International Women Day paying tribute to "Granny" Etelvina, an ALG woman of strength. 
Her 71 years do not let her fade, on the contrary, she is lively and full of strength.  She realized the key to break the cycle of poverty was in investing in children's education, especially of those in need, and started Pre-School "Flor da Infancia" (Flower of Youth, in Portuguese), under a tree by her home.  For our "Granny", no matter how ineffective the overall education system may be for the poorest, "we will always do everything in our hands so our children can read and write well".
The ALG Pre-Schools - tenderly named "Little Schools" - offer 160 unprivileged children aged 3-5 years old with access to pre-school education and food, in a safe learning environment.  The Little Schools provide vulnerable children that would not otherwise be able to attend nursery, with daily classes, an occupation, developing their competencies, study routines and avoiding them taking to the streets before they even get a chance in life.  These are the kids at risk to become "street kids", but in the Little Schools they receive care, love and attention, as well as the guaranty of a daily meal, both in Pre-School Flor da Infancia led by Vovo Etelvina, and in Pre-School Santa Catarina, led by Sister Aparecida, another ALG Woman of Strength.