Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Return of the Hero!

The tale of Gil Mucavele is one of the many ALG is proud to tell. 

Brought up in Xai-Xai, Mozambique, Gil was one of the first children supported by our sister-charity UPG Portugal. In 2010, revealing a strong determination and commitment, he asked our support to graduate in Dentistry in the University of Dentistry in Nampula. 

The early years were difficult but Gil never gave up. Far from his hometown and from his family, facing several financial difficulties, he had to sacrifice a lot. The sacrifices paid off and today Gil is a successful man.
These days he has succeeded in his education and the community considers him a “hero” and role model. He returned home for his holiday break and during that time he contributed to improve the living conditions of his community around the Escolinha do AndrĂ© school supported by our charity. He offered training on oral hygiene and ran dental check-ups on the children in the school.

Alongside his dream of spreading smiles all over the place with his degree, Gil is also a gifted young man with a passion for music. Lately he has been invited to TV shows to present his band and already recorded an album.

Gil makes us all proud – the community and ALG. It is this success that we wish for all our children, it is this difference we want to make. Enabling every child, on their own, to find tools which allow them to break the cycle of poverty. 

We want to continue to have cases like Gil’s. Gil is part of the 1% of Mozambican children who go to University and we wish increase in the number of our children who try to study for longer. For £1’000-£1’400 per year, ALG finances university fees and partial living costs to a small group of children with proven merit.

Make your Little Gesture and be a part of this path of success!  

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A very special Valentines card

This Valentines, show your other half your love – and send some of it to Mozambique!

Print for your loved one from £4 and make a child smile in Mozambique. Donate here or contact us now 
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