Friday, January 31, 2014

Santa Luisa de Marillac - HIV Day Centre

The SLM HIV Centre provides a complete and personalized programme for HIV/AIDS infected children, on a day care basis, ensuring adequate nutrition, medication and constant medical assistance. This comprehensive and tailored support has a daily cost of £86/month per infected child. The aim is to alleviate local poverty and provide a more dignified and healthy childhood to seriously ill children.

The refurbished centre facilities are located within the SLM school premises. The community already benefits from direct sponsorship of 118 children under ALG (Portugal) and from programmes on Infrastructure, Education and Sustainability. Under the supervision of our Local Partner Sister Lidia, it is set to be another Great Help in this impoverished area of Mozambique!

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

In the most difficult moments always a smile...

Today we recall the words of volunteer Sara Ferreira, who travelled with UPG Portugal to Chokwé just before the flood crisis. 
She was tireless and brave helping the refugee population in the CRPE Orphan Centre, and in the middle of the chaotic floods she become a nurse, a mentor and a friendly shoulder.

"The greatest difficulties were felt during the two first weeks, because there was no adjustment period. The options were “to do, or to do” - there was no option other than trying to the best we could to help the population.
After Brother Licínio’s arrival it was difficult to find the most needed ones who were hiding in the Centre surrounding areas.
“I was asked if I loved cannot love calamity... suffering, pain and wounds … but I loved the experience, the people, and the country because even in the hardest moments I always had a smile like this one, here and there... Thank you Mozambique... I have to thank you too, despite all the initial confusion I always felt at home, I was welcomed as a daughter, I took care of you like my own, I overcame the hardest moments and keep the good ones in my heart … I did not arrive in the “worst” time, I arrived in the right time for you, and everything happens for a reason … I came back with an overflowing heart. 

Tá tá! Sister Sara”


One year from today, Mozambique was devastated by violent floods causing over 200k homeless, 113 dead and 250k affected people. ALG was there from the start as the ALG Flood Emergency Fund saved lives and sent relief efforts to the population thanks to your Great Help.

Today we remember this disaster, thanking those of you who generously contributed more than £62’475 in funds rebuild the local communities of XaiXai and Chokwe to bring hope and rebuild the affected communities.