Monday, August 25, 2014

Water Wells – sources of life

Remember the 2 water wells ALG built in 2012 in the Bungane and Conjoene Communities?

The construction of these wells reduced the distance that usually little girls had to walk, on adaily basis, to get water having to skip school several times. Currently the two water wells are still running and supply water to around 200 families in the two communities.

Your Little Gesture has been supplying water, the source of life, to the children and communities in Mozambique!

Friday, August 22, 2014


This July, A Little Gesture A Great Help hosted its Tapas Quiz II at the typical restaurant Sporting Clube de Londres in London. It was a great evening which raised two thousand Little Gestures towards our over 1’500 children in Mozambique!

Your Little Gesture of participating in the ALG Tapas Quiz II made this a cheerful and important night for our programme funding. The event was a success as ALG raised a fantastic £2’000 in donations from entry tickets of £30, raffle tickets and small donations on the evening. 
The evening was focused on raising funds to our School Feeding programme in SLM – Santa Luisa Marillac, an impoverished school in Chokwé, Mozambique. The fundraising contributed to an ambitious daily school meal programme for 750 children in SLM School inaugurated in mid 2013.
More importantly, to put the importance of your contribution into context:

  • School feeding improves school attendance through a free meal, supports student performance and promotes better health and gender equality
  • It costs ALG £38’500 annual or £51/child to run it for 750 children in 2014
  • A team of 4 paid for one whole year of food for a child in Mozambique.
If you haven't participated on our great Tapas Quiz evenings yet, please join us for our next one before Xmas!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Silvia accepted an ALG challenge!

Our Sponsor and Volunteer Silvia accepted the challenge and will run for a good causeOn the 5th of Octoberalong with her husbandshe will participate in the Rock'n Roll Marathon in Lisbon to run for the children in the HIV Day Care Centre.
This Day Care Centre provides a totally customised and complete programme for HIV/AIDS infected children ensuring proper nutrition, medication, and constant medical assistance. Our goal is to relieve local poverty and provide a more dignified and healthy childhood to seriously ill children.

Help our Sponsor to reach her goal and win this challenge here!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Mama Bernardete’s Farming Plot is flourishing!!

The ALG Income Generation initiative promotes small scale and family activitiesat domestic and community levelwhich enable families self-sufficiency and the development of small scale industry, agriculture or local commercein impoverished communities.
With c. £21 invested per family ALfinances small family businesses such as the productionand sale of soap and capulanas (Traditional fabrics)farming plots or ambulant sales activities.The Income Generation activities for small scale family businesses improve the quality of livingfor familiesrenders the communitarian economy more dynamic and breaks the local cycle of poverty.

An example of this is our Mama Bernardete, with 50 years old, who last year was helped by ALG to organize her farming plot businessA year later we are proud to share with everybody the success of this flourishing business. With the profit mama Bernardete is obtaining she already renovated her house, she is reinvesting it in her business and taking care of her family nourishment.
Besides this activity Mama Bernardete also helps Sister Aparecida in the Chongoene’s Mission,looking after children who live by themselves, supported by UPG Portugal through its Sponsoring Programme.

Mama left us a little testimonial: "I leave my greetings to everyone at ALG and my sincere thank you for supporting our Income Generation. On my small farming project I am not facing any problems and feel satisfied.  On my peanut crop I was able to get 13 bags of 50kg of peanut that I was able to sell very well, on top of all the excess manioc left from the other vegetable plot and that I am still selling. Previously my production was at very low levels.. but now with [the support of ALG income generation] I have even been able to plant peanut crops, and I am only waiting for the rain for these to come out perfectly."

Support ALG’s Income Generation activities – give a Great Help to MozambiqueContact us for more details.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Scholarship of the Flowers in our EFI Pre-School!

On the past 25th of July, at Flor da Infância (EFI) Pre-School, we delivered the Flores Scholarship, a scholarship financed by Ribacapital, which promotes the 4 top students who excelled through their results and school performance. For the 4 year old students this scholarship is composed by a fix amount (c.£40) converted in a Basic Basket and School Material. For the 5 year old students there is a multi-annual scholarship (c.£80 reaching £400 at year 5) until they complete their primary education, which not only contemplates the basic basket but also opening a children’s savings account, jointly with their parent or guardian, accessible only when the child reaches 18 years of age.

In Mozambique only 4% of children have access to pre-school education, perpetuating the poverty cycle. ALG wants to change this reality by taking these children out of the streets and providing them access to pre-school education and to school meals, in a safe and didactic environment.

Donate to our pre-schools now!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

RPHM 2014 - Last slots for London's most wanted Half-Marathon!

Royal Parks Half Marathon, 12th October, Hyde Park
Slots still available - register NOW
On the 12th of October (Sunday), join the ALG Team to run 21km in London's most wanted half-marathon the Royal Parks HM.
To register, please contact us!
Registration fee: £50 (to secure your place and cover part of the RPHM organiser fee) 
Minimum Fundraising Amount: amount: £450
Why? Help us raise one-month financing for 5 HIV children in our newly launched HIV Center in the SLM schools.

Why Run for ALG?

  • We are a small charity and your sponsorship will have a high impact on the ground
  • We target to apply 95p per pound on the ground
  • We will give you support in fundraising and reaching out for sponsorships
  • We will give you on the day support and an ALG vest and other support materials
  • We will show you the children’s faces whose lives you have changed
  • You will feel GREAT on the day with your Little Gesture!

Is 21k too much for you? We also have available slots for a 10k race! Please contact us.