Friday, September 27, 2013

A story that is not easy to tell… by Daniel Langa

I’m Daniel Samuel Langa, 19 years old and I live in Xai-Xai. My story is not an easy one to tell, although everything that happened to me is common to the daily life of most Mozambican children.
I began my studies at the Primary School of Chitsebe in Mangundze where I concluded my primary education up to the 4th grade. Moving on to the Secondary School of Mangundze I concluded the basic level from the 8th to the 10th grade. In 2005, I became part of A Little Gesture a Great Help (ALG) being selected as one of the children under their sponsorship project Little Children of Xai-Xai, launched by their Portuguese sister-charity UPG.
Before being part of this project my life was very hard. Sometimes I had no school material, clothes, shoes and even food. With the help of Sister Isabel (Dominican Sisters), ALG and UPG, as well as my Sponsor, my situation started to change and so did my life.
From that year onwards, when I became part of this project, my sponsor, UPG and ALG have fought to keep me in School, well nourished and with a good life.
Today I’m happy, like any other kid, and I’m on the 12th grade. I’m very proud and want to thank my sponsor, who never forgot me, and always helped me to overcome my difficulties.
ALG, working with UPG, has always been a GREAT FRIEND AND MOTHER, looking after all the children who need love and care regardless of their race, gender, colour and religion.
To the Mothers who look after us in Xai-Xai, long live the Dominican Sisters of Santa Catarina de Sena may their love be shared by other children in need.
And not forgetting the Great Brother Hélder Machel who is a tireless friend to all the children who ask for help for any misfortune in their lives.
A big hug to you all,"

Xai-Xai, on the 30th of August 2013
Daniel Samuel Langa

Daniel Samual Langa was under the Sponsorship programme at ALG’s sister-charity in Portugal, Um Pequeno Gesto – UPG. Helder is our local Technician in Xai-Xai. Daniel is one of the dedicated and well-deserving children that we are so proud to have helped. To know more about UPG’s sponsorship programme email

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

"Sometimes life surprises us and it is up to us to know how to handle it…!" A testimonial by José Castigo

I, José Castigo Chissano, 22 years old and living in Xai-Xai, would like to tell you that before entering Escolinha do André my life was not easy. It all started when I was living in neighbourhood 13 with my family, the place my grandmother died and, with the passing of time, so did my mother. Things started to fall apart in my mind and in my life and I kept asking myself what did I do? Almost following these events my father also died, even though I had never met him… this all happened at a moment when going to school was not an easy option so there was a time when I did not study.
My aunt, my mother’s sister, took me to the EA - Escolinha do André, in order to give me an opportunity to study. She requested Sister Isabel Langa for me to join classes in 2005 so on that same year I began attending the 2nd grade. In 2006 I moved onto the 4th grade during the morning and to the 5th grade during the afternoon where I also attended the adult literacy and education classes. I left the EA after passing both grades and then I attended the neighbouring school Eduardo Mondlane for the 6th and 7thgrades. My academic education continued to make good progress as I moved from this school to the Secondary School in Tavene where I completed from the 8th to the 10th grade. Now I’m studying at the Xai-Xai Secondary School attending the 11th grade at night.
One day I stopped to analyse my life’s path since the events that made me an orphan up to now, which was only possible thanks to the efforts of the Dominican Sisters from Santa Catarina de Sena, of my Sponsor [from UPG Portugal] and of A Little Gesture (ALG).
My life changed radically, today I feel just like the others thanks to YOUR contributions in my life. In the future I want to continue studying to get a degree in Law and become a Lawyer. This will make my dreams come true and also the dream of my Sponsor, Luís Chainho who, despite my adulthood, never stopped supporting me.
Dear Sponsor Luís Chainho a Great Thank You for your effort in helping me, KHANIMAMBO
I’m also sending my khanimambo to ALG from the bottom of my heart wishing that this Gesture continues throughout our lives,
Dominican Sisters of Santa Catarina de Sena I did not forget you, you are the link between the sponsored children and the sponsors by UPG Portugal and have been contributing in best way possible for the development of all the children here in Gaza.
A big hug to you all."                           

Xai-Xai, on the 30th of August 2013

José Castigo Chissano was under the Sponsorship programme at ALG’s sister-charity in Portugal, Um Pequeno Gesto – UPG. He is one of the brave and hard-working children that we are so proud to have helped. To know more about UPG’s sponsorship programme email

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Little Jafar sends us Letter from the Home for Orphans

"I like being here at the Centre because now I know several things about locksmith such as welding, cutting iron with a grinder, and I also know the name of the tools we use.
At school I behave myself and I usually have good grades. Next year I would like to be in the 9th grade and maintain my good grades. In the future I would like to be a judge.
The Centre has helped me to be the person I am today.
I know that locksmith will not be my future but it will help me to be a different, successful and better man. I appreciate brother Joaquim’s skills and I like to hear him saying he will be a judge. I want to be like him; he is a very good and exemplar friend.
Thank you very much CPRE and A Little Gesture.

                                      Jafar Mateus Santos    

Jafar is one of the interns in the Home for Orphans at the CRPE (CRPE Centro de Promoção Renascer para a Esperança or Centre of Promotion Rebirth for Hope, the Orphan Centre in Chinhacanine) sponsored by ALG UK and UPG Portugal.
The ALG September campaign (see here) helps children like Jafar who want to learn in school and in after-class courses. We want to teach the children skills to allow them to be employed in future and break the cycle of poverty.

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

An heartfelt testimonial by Maria do Céu, sponsor at UPG Portugal

"Last August, I went to visit Edna Nena in Escolinha do Andre, Xai-Xai, and it was such a special moment. I was anxiously looking forward to it, as in spite of the physical distance between us we end up creating a strong emotional bond that manifests itself in such a beautiful way if we are given the joyful opportunity to visit. 
Sponsor Maria do Céu with
her ​​sponsored child Edna Nena
I was highly surprised as I discovered with my own eyes the dimension of ALG's activity and its importance on the ground. I got acquainted with several schools with hundreds of children, some communities, the ALG Local Partners and I also joined the local volunteers in their daily activities.
I saw countless children attending school, benefiting from after class school support and getting their daily meal thanks to ALG; I met a mother profoundly grateful for having a sponsor in Portugal who is dedicated to offer her son the opportunities she was not able to; I witnessed the happiness of a dozen women who received a small microfinance loan that will allow them to contribute to their families livelihood; I had the good fortune of joining a festive tea so symbolic as it was so scant but so rich in meaning; I met the missionary nuns, ALG's Local Partners that are true warriors, everyday, in the villages, caring and bearing the weight of those children and their families.
In every single moment I received affection, attention, gratitude. So much more than I have ever given them.
Thank you ALG UK and UPG Portugal for allowing me to live this unforgettable experience. I came from there even more conscious of the value of a single pound donated to ALG."

Maria do Ceu S. travelled with her husband Filipe from Portugal to Mozambique in August 2013 to visit ALG's intervention area in Xai-Xai and Chokwé. She sponsors Edna Nena under UPG Portugal's Sponsorship programme since 2011. We thank her for her kind and heartfelt testimonial.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Technical Courses at the Orphan Home - A Letter from Hercílio to ALG

"My name is Hercílio Manuel Ngovene. I’m from Xai Xai but now I live in the Centro de Promoção Renascer para a Esperança CPRE (The CRPE Orphan Centre – Centre of Promotion Rebirth for Hope).

I’m on the 8th grade and I’m so very happy to live at the Centre because everybody helps me in everything they can and I’m learning a lot, such as locksmith, carpentry and much more.
In my heart I feel I have changed deeply. And I owe everything to Brother Licínio who welcomed us at this wonderful Centre. He does everything possible to change our lives completely with joy in our hearts.

From now onwards I want to continue my studies and in future, for now, I want to be a locksmith since I have not yet chosen a profession.
The main change I feel is that I’m no longer lazy to learn, to study and to do my daily tasks.

My thanks are also directed to A Little Gesture for granting me this great opportunity to live here in CPRE.
I wish you all at ALG long lives full of happiness and I’m sending a big hug to everyone helping us."

Hercílio is one of the interns in the CRPE Home for Orphans sponsored by ALG UK and UPG Portugal.
The ALG September campaign (here) helps children like Hercílio who want to learn in school and in after-class courses. We want to teach the children skills to allow them to be employed in future and break the cycle of poverty.

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