Thursday, September 5, 2013

An heartfelt testimonial by Maria do Céu, sponsor at UPG Portugal

"Last August, I went to visit Edna Nena in Escolinha do Andre, Xai-Xai, and it was such a special moment. I was anxiously looking forward to it, as in spite of the physical distance between us we end up creating a strong emotional bond that manifests itself in such a beautiful way if we are given the joyful opportunity to visit. 
Sponsor Maria do Céu with
her ​​sponsored child Edna Nena
I was highly surprised as I discovered with my own eyes the dimension of ALG's activity and its importance on the ground. I got acquainted with several schools with hundreds of children, some communities, the ALG Local Partners and I also joined the local volunteers in their daily activities.
I saw countless children attending school, benefiting from after class school support and getting their daily meal thanks to ALG; I met a mother profoundly grateful for having a sponsor in Portugal who is dedicated to offer her son the opportunities she was not able to; I witnessed the happiness of a dozen women who received a small microfinance loan that will allow them to contribute to their families livelihood; I had the good fortune of joining a festive tea so symbolic as it was so scant but so rich in meaning; I met the missionary nuns, ALG's Local Partners that are true warriors, everyday, in the villages, caring and bearing the weight of those children and their families.
In every single moment I received affection, attention, gratitude. So much more than I have ever given them.
Thank you ALG UK and UPG Portugal for allowing me to live this unforgettable experience. I came from there even more conscious of the value of a single pound donated to ALG."

Maria do Ceu S. travelled with her husband Filipe from Portugal to Mozambique in August 2013 to visit ALG's intervention area in Xai-Xai and Chokwé. She sponsors Edna Nena under UPG Portugal's Sponsorship programme since 2011. We thank her for her kind and heartfelt testimonial.

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