Friday, March 20, 2015

Rafael Baloi - Another story of success!

ALG loves happy and successful story telling so here’s another one… Rafael Baloi left the UPG Portugal Sponsoring Programme, he is 19 years old and was always a student with several learning challenges. Although he’s still attending the 8th grade he is also helping the Sisters in Manjangue. He is in charge of the banana trees and some gardens and he receives a small amount, each month, to be able support himself. According to Sister Lídia “he is a good, responsible and obedient young man”. Currently, Rafael is helped by ALG through the School Meals Programme in St. Luisa where we finance daily meals for around 800 children. He knows how to work well with cement bricks and will be responsible for the training in ALG technical courses to produce bricks, reservoirs and plantation of fruit trees.

We were so happy for Rafael that could find a future occupation that will support him and help to break the cycle of poverty.

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