Friday, December 6, 2013

Day 6: Now I can write my own name!

In Mozambique 60% of adults, mostly women, cannot read or write. The ALG Literacy courses, held locally in the villages and of free access, finance literacy classes, including Portuguese and mathematics, in the rural communities. Averaging £1’450 annually per course, per community, we want to improve the education of young mothers by increasing their potential employment, self-esteem and increasing the impact this initiative has over their children’s education.

The testimonials of the hardworking Mothers who attend the ALG courses happily, week after week, are heartwarming: “Now I can write my own name in the Identity Card”. “I couldn’t speak Portuguese, but now I can communicate with my grandchildren in Portuguese”. “I did not know how to put the letters of my name together and sign it, but now I do!”

Thank you for contributing to turning an adult’s dream of learning how to read and write come true!

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