Thursday, December 19, 2013

Day 19: Benilzio and Rosita will have a new home!

Rosita and Benilzio live in Nhocoene, a neighbourhood in the Mission of Chongoene, with their mum Susana, 37 years old and who works in farming plots. It is a village of limited resources, scarce access to minimum subsistence conditions and spreadout poverty.
Benilzio is 16 years old and suffers from severe epilepsy, while his sister Rosita who is 3 years old is growing but still evidences signs of malnutrition experienced at a young age.

Their sponsors from UPG Portugal’s programme, self entitled “Love from a Distance”, visited this family and were desolated by their living conditions. Their hut was destroyed and falling to bits and the family sleept on the floor, rolled up in old blankets. The Sponsors decided to get together and take on an ALG Challenge – an oportunity to raise your own funds on behalf of a chosen ALG project. This Autumn, they are hoping to give them a new home before Xmas with their fundraisaising campaign Love from a Distance – A New Home for Benilzio & Rosita!

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