Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Day 17: More than £62 thousand raised for the flood emergency!

In the beginning of this year, and after 13 years Mozambique was, once again, targeted by the floods. The majority of infrastructures did not resist resulting in the displacement of more than 200 thousand people. The number of deaths remains uncertain but the local authorities point to 113 dead and 250 thousand affected people. ALG was there from the start when the ALG Emergency Fund for Floods saved lives and brought some relief to the population with your Great Help.

The ALG Emergency Fund called for the support of public and private sources to relieve the immediate impact of floods and to support local reconstruction. The Fund was launched simultaneously by ALG in United Kingdom and by our sister-charity UPG Portugal. Your generosity raised more than £62 thousand of funds to manage the damage caused by the floods!

Thank you very much to all those who answered our urgent call!

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