Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Day 3: Our smiling “elderlies”!

ALG supports mostly children but through its Portuguese operation extends its support to an Elderly Fund in Chongoene, rural Mozambique.

In Mozambique, 70% of the people live with less than 2 dollars/day. Our Elderly Fund tries to relieve the extreme poverty of a group of 12 elders in the rural areas of Chongoene. With an annual cost of £125/per household, Sister Aparecida visits these elders every month and delivers them a monthly ALG Basic Supplies Basket with rice, sugar, peanuts, oil, soap, beans, tea, corn, salt, chicken or fish, bread, batteries for the radio and, sometimes, juice.

As testified by one of our local volunteers, “They lost their closest relatives, they are alone and live in isolated areas, near Cavalene. Hiding the bush, their huts are only visible at a short distance. The access to water, always difficult, at this age becomes even harder. Broken by the weight of the years, they carry water in 5 litre containers and store it in clay deposits. When they feel a bit stronger they carry water and work a bit in the farming plots. During the rest of the days they keep their pain to themselves and stay inside their huts.”

Thank you for contributing to a more dignified old age to our Elderlies!

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