Sunday, December 1, 2013

Day 1: Vanência has milk moustaches again!

Vanência Matsinhe, 13 years old, is on the 4th grade in Escolinha do André. Abandoned by her father she lives with her mother Catarina, in Xai Xai, and she is sponsored by our sister-charity UPG Portugal. Currently, she goes to school and at home they receive a monthly ALG Basic Supplies Basket with food and other items like soap.

At Escolinha do André, in August, Vanência and her colleagues started to drink milk again. She was thrilled! She sent us a sweet testimony:

“Drinking milk again at the School makes us happy children, like so many others who have better life conditions.
I’m happy here in Escolinha do André because the sisters, ALG and our sponsors from UPG Portugal have been improving our lives.
Today we are happy like birds! 
Khanimambo A Little Gesture and my Sponsors in  Portugal"

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