Saturday, December 14, 2013

Day 14: The importance of ALG Pre-Schools!

ALG supports 165 children in two pre-schools – Santa Catarina and Flor Pre-schools. Your support prevents these children, aged 3-5 years old, to become “street kids” roaming the streets all day. With ALG they have access to daily meals and basic education in a protected pre-school setting. Starting from £80 per year, we guarantee access to breakfast, lunch, teachers and school material for every underprivileged child enrolled in the school. 

Pre-school education is the first step of basic education and within the local context it is essential to break the cycle of poverty. The ALG pre-schools try to receive these children in a stimulating, welcoming and learning-friendly environment, teaching them Portuguese and how to count, to be assiduous and clean, to play and to be well behaved in school.

At EFI pre-school, a generous benefactor has also helped us implement and finance the Scholarship of the Flowers – an annual merit scholarship for the best 8 tiny students. Now in its third year, the children learn that dedication and hard-work pays-off – and competition for the Scholarship is getting fiercer among the joyful children!
Your school or company can become a Friend of an ALG Pre-School! Please contact us to find out how.  

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