Monday, December 2, 2013

Day 2: 660 children enjoy daily lunch in SLM with ALG

This Summer ALG started an ambitious program of School Meals in SLM, where we already supported 117 of the poorest children.

With 660 children, mostly orphans, daily at the school, a nutritious meal is essential to fill their empty stomachs and incentivise school attendance. 
Benefiting from the financial support of a British Foundation, this ALG program provides meals for the school population in the impoverished village of Manjangue, Chokwé. 

With the amazing sister Lídia managing SLM, the whole school is happier! Her entrepreneurial spirit has immersed the school in a plan of farming plots sustainability, technical courses and income generation activities which are intended to lower the nourishing needs within 3 years.

In SLM, the school glows with enthusiasm and we at ALG are filled with pride!

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