Sunday, December 15, 2013

Day 15: A class in SVP where everybody wants to study!

The devastating floods in January submerged the SVP - S. Vicente de Paulo school, in Chokwé, with significant damages in a school attended by more than 900 highly deprived children.
After the floods, our Technician Hilário, the Vincentian Sisters and students worked tirelessly and rehabilitated the whole school. Among the more recent works, they decided to paint the After-Class study room attended by the 171 children sponsored by UPG Portugal in this school. In this classroom this group of children – the poorest in school – receive after school study support, a snack and daily monitoring.

And what a difference! The renovation work in this study room surpassed all the expectations. According to our Local Technician from the neighbouring school SLM, whose daughter Albertina is a sponsored child in SVP, “this area was transformed in a pleasant and welcoming environment for the children, it is a place to promote the transfer of knowledge and coexistence.”  

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