Sunday, December 22, 2013

Day 22: 2 new ALG water wells in Feb - another one coming!

57% of the population of Mozambique, including up to 70% of the country’s rural population, have no access to drinkable water.

In 2012 we built 2 drinkable water wells, one in Bungane and another one in Conjoene, with an average cost of £12’500, which reduced the distance of over 4 hours the community had to walk to fetch water. These water wells improve quality of life for the children and their families, in essentially rural and of difficult access areas, through a more adequate access to safe water sources. They promote gender equality since they avoid young girls having to skip classes in school to instead walk for miles to get water for their families.

Successfully inaugurated in February this year, the ALG water wells engage the local community in management committees and in the symbolic payment of the water used. This year preparations are underway to build another one!

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