Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Day 25: This year with the help of everyone ALG supported 1581 children. THANK YOU VERY MUCH AND WE WISH YOU A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!

In 2013, we supported 911 children individually and directly through the Sponsorship programme ran by our sister charity UPG Portugal. Each child is allocated a sponsor, preferably Portuguese-speaking, and granted access to school, a monthly basic basket or lunch depending on the project. Besides material goods, the children feel nurtured and important because there is someone, many miles away, who thinks about them and who transforms their lives every month and provides them nutrition.

Alongside the backbone of the Sponsoring programme, the Projects by ALG UK and UPG Portugal play a vital role ion complementing and furthering this work.  We believe it is important to “provide” these families with better liveability conditions in housing or access to water; as well as additional sustainability tools, to teach the families and children how to develop their competences in order to live better lives.

Under our Poverty Relief area, we developed Orphan Support further by ensuring a meal for the 120 orphans who check into the Centre Rebirth for Hope (CRPE) on a daily basis while attending morning school close by. We also supported the launch and running costs of the new Home for Orphans in the CRPE, where 13 orphans boarded full time this year and upt to 20 can now have a place to call home.

In 2013, in the Education area, we supported two Pre-Schools, with 170 children between 3 to 5 years old. We provided After-Class study support for 280 youngsters eager to learn, and in our Technical Courses we have around 100 children learning trades in skills-based courses. We helped 8 Uni Scholarship holders to fulfil their dreams of going to college and 103 mums develop their dream of writing their own name in our Literacy Courses.

In the Infrastructure area we built 10 huts, with the support of individual sponsors, benefiting 40 people. We built two Water Wells and we are starting another one to improve the lives of over 1’000 people.
The sister charity UPG also supported an Elderly Fund for older age beneficiaries with health problems living isolated in rural areas, by financing a monthly basic basket.

Thank you for all you help which allowed us to fulfil ALG’s dream of changing the lives of children, their families, youngsters and elderly!

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