Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Day 10: TAP Volunteers took over 160 suitcases to Moz

Our donors and patrons are generous and like to send as many gifts as possible to our intervention area and to our sponsored children in Mozambique, especially from Portugal where the sponsorship programme is underway for almost 10 years. Unfortunately, the shipping of donated gifts continues to be very difficult and expensive, worsened by all the Customs constraints, which delay the process even more.
It is with both joy and relief that for the past 2 years we can count on the support of TAP Air Portugal’s VWW’s – Volunteers With Wings. These volunteers from the airline’s flight crew make room in their luggage and carry gifts our supporters wish to offer to the children as well as clothes and donated goods for the local communities.

Thanks to the Volunteers With Wings it is possible to provide these families some reasons to smile for the small comforts received. After a total of 200 suitcases carried last year, this year over 160 suitcases were transported with toys, blankets, clothes, school material and essential products! Thank you VWW’s!

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