Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Day 24: The value of every £ donated to ALG!

“I visited my sponsored child Edna Nena in the Escolinha do André school, in Xai-Xai, and it was a very special moment. I was very anxious because despite the distance we created an emotional bond, which is materialised beautifully if one has the opportunity to go there.
I had the greatest surprise when I observed, in situ, the dimension of ALG’s activity and its importance. I visited several schools with hundreds of children, a few communities, the ALG Local Partners and accompanied the local volunteers in their activities.

I saw numerous children attending school, benefiting from After-Class study support, having their School Meal thanks to ALG; I met a deeply grateful mother for having a Portuguese Sponsor providing her child what she could not on her own; I witnessed the happiness of a dozen women which received a small loan [under the Income Generation project] which will help them contribute to support their family and I was fortunate to participate in a symbolic tea party with so little to offer but providing such feelings of warmth and tenderness; I met the missionary sisters, ALG Local Partners, true warriors on the ground every day watching over all the children and their families. 
I received affection, attention and gratitude at all times. So much more than what I gave.
Thank you ALG UK and UPG Portugal for giving me this unforgettable experience. I came back even more aware of the value a pound has when it is delivered to ALG.”

Testimonial of Maria do Céu S., a Sponsor under our sister charity UPG Portugal. She travelled with her husband Filipe from Portugal to Mozambique, in August

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