Saturday, December 1, 2012

Day 1: At last, Laurinda has a roof and a family!

Laurinda Wamusse, 7 years old, is in 2nd grade and lives with her aunt Helena, her sister Vitoria and their cousins, in one hut, in Chongoene. 
Today, she goes to school and her aunt receives monthly basket of food from UPG/ALG with basic supplies.  It has not always been like this though.  She has not met her father, and she does not remember her mother, who abandoned her as a baby. 
When the Dominican Sisters found her, she would drag herself around the floor, just like her sister, as her legs were unable to support the weight of her body.  In the hospital, the doctors spoke of undernutrition - abandoned, they would dig from the floor the seeds that would serve as food for them. 
While they were in the hospital, Sister Aparecida looked for family who could take care of the children.  She found Aunt Helena, which used to look after the children but had no food to give them.  They were included in the UPG Sponsorship programme and, today, they move around like other children, they have a roof, and a family. 
Recently, Laurinda received a gift from her sponsor: a teddy bear, a girl box with hair bands and accessories and a t-shirt. 
She was very happy!

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