Monday, December 24, 2012

Day 24. At the Orphan Centre CRPE and at S. Luísa Marillac School skills-based courses bring a promise to the future

The ALG skills-based courses break the cycle of poverty and sustain the local economy. ALG finances technical courses like sewing, carpentry, locksmith, IT, cooking, arts & crafts, fabric painting and the production of soap.

At the Orphan Centre CRPE children have carpentry, locksmith, IT and sewing classes to improve future employability; while at S. Luisa de Marillac the skills-based courses are focused around domestic activities such as cooking, sewing, agriculture, arts & crafts, painting of fabrics and the production of soap. These classes “give” the children and youngsters tools to allow them to be self-sufficient in future.

ALG wants to ensure a sustainable future for these children. In 2012 around 100 children attended the skills-based courses!

The Orphanage in CRPE is the focus of our Xmas Campaign in 2012. Donate now!

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