Thursday, December 13, 2012

Day 13: Joana got a bicycle and will take less time to get to school

“My name is Joana Júlio Zacarias Mubai; I was born in Xai-Xai. I live in district B in Xai-Xai. I am 19 years old and I’m on the 12th grade. I thank ALG and my sponsor all they have done for me.

My life before ALG was sad and very difficult. I went to school but my results were poor due to my life conditions. I couldn’t eat properly and my mother is unemployed. To feed us she had to work hard on the plot, and sometimes we went to sleep feeling hungry. We had no access to water or electrical power and to go to school I had to walk for a long distance.

Despite all this issues my mother never stopped looking after me. Since I became part of the ALG Sponsoring Project my life changed and my results at school improved greatly.

I also already have access to drinkable water and electrical power thanks to my Sponsor Helena Anahory and to ALG.

ALG is very important to me because they changed my life I also would like to thank my sponsor for everything she has done for me. God bless her and protect her and her family from harm. ALL THIS WAS ONLY POSSIBLE THANKS TO A LITTLE GESTURE (ALG)
A big hug to ALG and to my dear sponsor Helena Anahory”
By Joana Mubai

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