Saturday, December 15, 2012

Day 15: Sousa is 9 and thanks to the ALG After-School classrooms already learned the alphabet letters

In Mozambique only 44% of students finish primary school and only 20% of students go to secondary school. ALG finances study rooms in Chongoene, S. Vicente de Paulo, S. Luisa de Marillac and at CRPE to provide the children with After-School centres where they can develop and strengthen their learning process.

Sousa is a good example of this initiative. He was going to attend primary school this year, but because it was the end of the year there were no vacancies. Thus, he started to attend the After-school classroom in Chongoene and after several intensive weeks and follow-up by our local volunteers, Sousa began to learn the alphabet.

The ALG Campaign to support the After-School study rooms took place in September. With only 50p it is possible to ensure a space to study, a snack and a teacher.

It is also the focus of our first ever school partnership in the UK. Thank you Oakwood School!

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