Monday, December 17, 2012

Day 17: Pre-School EFI got new chairs to brighten up the daily life of children!

In 2010 ALG managed to fulfil the dream to build EFI - Flor da Infância pre-school with the help of a benefactor. The new building was inaugurated in 2011 with 3 classrooms, an indoor pantry, an office and an indoor toilet.

The Flor da Infância pre-school was built with the purpose of allowing pre-school age children to learn, particularly orphans, vulnerable children and the ones who had no financial means to attend pre-school. The ALG pre-schools intend to reduce the number of children wandering in the streets, occupying their time and providing them a minimum of subsistence.

In our two pre-schools there is still a lot to be financed because the number of children is huge and the classes continue to grow! This year an ALG Corporate Friend offered chairs and tables for the children’s classrooms. They are cheerful and colourful and stimulate teaching because children concentrate better if they are not sitting on the floor.

Thank you to all who, in some way, contribute for the well being of Mozambican children! 
Would you like to be an ALG Corporate Friend?

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