Sunday, December 9, 2012

Day 9: Despite his accident, Azarias is the best student in class!

Azarias is 10, lives with his mother and 4 brothers and is included in our sponsored Escolinha do André project. 

In September he got burned with boiling water, but first aid was not immediately provided by his family. When the situation was know at Escolinha he was taken to the hospital were the doctor seeing the distress of the mother, sisters and Technicians, said that the burns were superficial and within a few days he could walk again.

When he came back from the hospital the ALG Technician Helder started to work with the little boy to help him with his movements. To his surprise he started to take a few steps as a result of his efforts.

Azarias is now well and managed to go to school without any help. He is recovering well from his knee burnts. At school he has the highest grades in Portuguese, Mathematic and skills based courses. His final average in 2011 was 14 (on a 0 to 20 scale).
Thank you Helder and Sisters from Escolinha do André for your effort and continuous fight for these children wellbeing!

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