Saturday, December 8, 2012

Day 8: Always dedicated to her orphan little sister, Gelsea does not disregard the studies at the Orphan Centre CRPE

Gelsea and her one year old sister little sister Cateco are orphans. While only 11-years old, she looks after Cateco as if she was her mother and carries her around daily to the Orphan Centre CRPE.

The Orphan Centre CRPE is located in Chinhacanine, 30km from Chokwé. This day centre provides shelter, food and education support to some 160 children, mostly orphaned, with ages between 1 and 18 years old. The girls represent 57% of the centre population. These children go to the school on the other side of the road and live with older relatives under very poor economic conditions. Around 75 of these children live in 15 houses located in the proximity and built specially for these families.

Gelsea goes to the ALG after-class study room every day and carries her sister on her back while she tries to learn more. In the ALG study room they do maths and Portuguese exercises, they play, sing and have fun – all the things a child is entitled to!

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