Sunday, December 2, 2012

Day 2: At St Luísa Marillac, children also learn how to plant vegetables

In August, at St. Luísa de Marillac, children harvested egg plants, potatoes and garlic. With the vegetables they sowed the children’s basic basket was reinforced. Usually at the end of each month a share of the plot’s production is given to the children and to their families. 

The region  is suffering with drought and it is hard for the families to get enough food. The community is facing huge problems in gathering enough vegetables to feed their families and people go to markets in Chókwe. In these markets small scale farmers have vegetables produced with the help of irrigation systems, but at a much higher price, because there has been no rain lately

With the harvest at school the families managed to have a minimum amount of food. Children play a very important role in this great help – by learning how to sow and harvest they are not only helping their family but also learning how to take care of the plot for their own subsistence in the future! 

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