Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Day 18: This Christmas brothers Ubisse will be warmer in their sleep! Thank you ALG Challenges!

The ALG Challenges help YOU helping us! Maria Borge and Belide’s sponsors decided to celebrate their daughter’s B. 1st anniversary in big style: raising funds for ALG.

With our support, they challenged their friends to exchange their daughter’s presents for useful gifts for their sponsored children in Mozambique. The presents ranged from buckets to a mattress, toothpaste and pillows. Brothers Ubisse’s home is more beautiful and comfortable than ever!

The brothers live with their aunt who has health problems and can only tender their vegetable patch when she feels well enough. They both have AIDS and their life has been quite difficult.

But this Christmas brothers Ubisse will be warm and full of joy because they received these gifts and know that somewhere in the world there is someone looking out for them and wishing the best for them!

Thank you to the Sponsors and followers of our ALG Challenges!

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