Sunday, December 16, 2012

Day 16: In 2012, Mozambique received 200 packages. Thank you volunteers from TAP Air Portugal!

The shipping of donated goods to Mozambique is extremely difficult and expensive. Logistics wise it is impossible to send objects through a container, since the fees are very expensive and, afterwards, transportation will be needed to carry the donations to the ALG local centres which are located over 150 miles from Maputo.
Considering this situation, a free alternative was found through the volunteers of the Portuguese carrier, TAP, on their frequent direct flights to Maputo. The TAP aircrew offers space in their luggage to take the presents that the sponsors want to offer to their sponsored child as well as clothes and donated goods for the local community.
Thanks to the TAP volunteers it is possible to reach families who live in poverty and have no resources to purchase this type of goods. Up to now 200 packages and 45 parcels were sent and delivered! Thank you TAP Volunteers!

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