Monday, December 3, 2012

Day 3: Granma Salmina is thrilled for being able to provide a proper shelter for her grandchildren

Alzira’s and Jaime’s life was changed by a very important event – the construction of a hut with 12 metal sheets which is a total “luxury” for them”.  Alzira is 10 and is on the 3rd grade in São Vicente de Paulo School; Jaime Ngovene is 9 and is in the 2nd grade at the same school. During a long time these children had a poor health. They are orphans and live with their grandmother Salmina Saveca, who is of an advanced age.
After last year’s heavy rains the house where the three lived fell apart, leaving this family with no place to sleep. In the winter rainy days they slept in the neighbour’s houses.
The happiness of the three is indescribable, but Salmina managed to send us a message: «Now, more than ever, I have good reasons to keep on living and be happy!»
I told her: “It is true, you will have a new home soon but your mission now is to do the maintenance”, and with no hesitation she said: “This is the greatest gift I have ever received and I’ll dedicate my life to preserve it."
Described by the ALG Technician Hilário, in charge of  the construction follow up

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