Saturday, December 9, 2017

Day 9: Hurray for mosquito nets

Volunteers Virgínia, Pedro and Olga were very touched, during one of the visits to the ALG families, with the severity of malaria in the region – and the relative ease with which mosquito nets can prevent the disease. They decided to create an ALG challenge – a campaign to raise funds along with their families and friends!
The Three Mosquiteers campaign goal was to raise funds to buy 1000 mosquito nets. The result was much better than expected, with £1´500 raised, 750 nets were distributed in Xai-Xai and another 750 in Chokwé (this initiative benefited 645 children, with 2 mosquito nets per children) the remaining ones were delivered to our local technicians, without forgetting our pre-schools.
Thank you: Pedro, Virginia and Olga, for this initiative and thanks to everyone who joined them turning another ALG Challenge into a success!

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