Friday, December 15, 2017

Day 15: At the HIV Day Care Center Rafael hopes for a better future!

Rafael is 16th years old and joined the HIV Centre in 2014. He is orphaned on his father´s side and lives with his grandmother and an uncle that is mentally impaired.
He was always a very active boy and sometimes a bit rebellious as he preferred playing instead of studying. His grades were kept at just-about reasonable levels with some negative grades until in 2016 he did not pass his school year 5. 
Over 2017 Rafael seems to have learned his lesson. Sister Cardica sees great improvement in this child not only in academic terms but also in his behavior. He delivered no negative grades in his 1st term and has good records in behavior at both the Centre and in the SLM School, with the Sisters and with his colleagues.
These last months have seen him evolve very positively – he still keeps a smile on his face and is very playful with his friends but he is also showing

The SLM HIV Centre provides a complete and personalized programme for HIV/AIDS infected children, on a day care basis, ensuring adequate nutrition, medication and constant medical assistance. This comprehensive support has a cost of £45/ month per infected child. The aim is to alleviate local poverty and provide a more dignified and healthy childhood to seriously ill children. 

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