Thursday, December 14, 2017

Day 14: A year growing with ALG!

Our sister charity Sponsoring Programme “Growing with UPG” is a continuity programme focused on Education.

At Escolinha do André children enter this programme from the 6th grade onwards, as soon as they start attending State schools.
We believe this change and this direct accountability enable us to monitor children more closely. We are also able to provide a more customised support when, during difficult stages, many children consider abandoning school. At local level, Technician Helder Machel and Coordinator Hilário Langa secure direct communication with the youngsters!

The Sponsoring Programme annual fee finances: enrolment fees, school supplies, education expenditures, uniforms, and also extra health care support and/or hygiene as necessary. 

Last August, to the usual school supplies and hygiene items, we added a significant amount of food supplies. It was with immense joy that we managed to add this complement which helps and incentivises children, who dream with a professional career and with a different life, to proceed with their studies! Like us, they believe they can make a difference!

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