Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Day 13: We have a seamstress… and a good one!!

This year one of ALG’s main bets has been financing technical courses in S. Vicente Paulo (SVP) and Sta. Luísa Marillac (SLM) schools, both in the Chokwé region. With the firm belief that these courses represent a tool to break the poverty cycle, ALG promotes after-school local technical and professional courses, aimed at underprivileged youngsters, who frequently abandon their academic education.

This summer, ALG celebrated an official agreement with ISPELAC, a government body that supports technical and professional training, to develop courses in SVP school. Besides being open to the local community, these courses are made available to UPG Portugal Sponsored children in SVP and in the neighbouring school of SLM. Initially, ALG financed the electricity courses and we just launched another phase. Now, we have electricity and sewing courses which thrilled Fina - one of UPG’s sponsored children!

Fina Julio Macaze, attends the 8th grade and her favourite subject is History. Like many other children, her dream is to be a policewoman. In her free time, and from a tender age, she loves designing paper clothes for her dolls and to help her mom doing house chores (in her naughty way she says she prefers to clean the house and that she hates doing the dishes!).

She loves sewing so much she already made a bread bag , with the help of the teacher who told us she’s the best student. After concluding the course, Fina says the first thing she wants to make is a dress for herself and then another for her mum.

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