Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Day 20: Full bellies always learn better

In 2016, ALG strengthened the After-School Support snack at SVP (São Vicente Paulo school), an after-school programme providing a much-needed academic support to UPG Portugal sponsored children. In a year of huge draught and shortage, our meals were reinforced with rice and beans.

Because this initiative was so successful, in 2017 we asked  to continue providing this help! ALG began by providing 2 meals per week in After-School Support, varying between beans and greens. In return we have healthier and more motivated children, eager to learn more, and even bigger smiles!

With £2'575 in SVP – average £11 student/year – ALG finances instructors to provide after school support mainly for the subjects of Maths and Portuguese, occasional school materials and lunch – a key factor to ensure attendance

At SLM this programme has an annual cost of £564, providing only a snack – at this school children already benefit from free lunch with the ALG School Meals Programme.

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