Sunday, December 3, 2017

Day 3: Meet ALG’s new Local Partner in the communities!

Rural communities are an extensive ALG programme implemented in the underprivileged areas of Chongoene, Nhancutse, Banhine and Bungane. It involves c.300 children sponsored by UPG Portugal. The Project’s area includes building huts, a pre-school, scholarship holders, water wells, etc.
ALG policy on the ground has always been based in being close to our beneficiaries through Local Partners – respected community members who describe us, on a daily basis, the difficulties and successes of our programmes. These Partners are also the ones who guarantee the budget implementation and who account for every expenditure, made with the help of your donations, in a transparent way.
 Since April, ALG set up a partnership with diocesan priests: Father Alex and Father Elpídeo. Father Alex is continuing Vincentian Father Amine’s hard work, before being transferred to another region in Mozambique. Father Elpídio is supervising our programmes in the area and, under his supervision, this year EFI pre-school flourished with an excellent supervisor - Cremilde, new toilets and happier children.
 ALG continues to invest in narrowing relationships with Local Partners - local communities’ active members mainly but not exclusively, from religious orders. Our daily work with Local Partners enables us to consolidate our policy aimed at investing and controlling, in an efficient and timely way, the funds from Portugal and UK. We aim to break the poverty cycle in Xai-Xai, Chokwé and Chongoene in a transparent way, with a close relationship and visible impact for the donors.

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