Sunday, December 24, 2017

Day 24: ALG Technicians bringing us closer to children

ALG’s local technicians are vital for our fieldwork. They are mainly young, hardworking underprivileged youngsters, who are the connecting link between the Headquarters’ administrative needs and Local Partners, who are very present and well respected, but also extremely busy with other community issues.

Each technician is crucial for ALG’s work. In Chokwé, the hardworking Jaime (SVP school) and Orcídio (SLM school, with Cristóvão’s support) intensify our intervention in large schools with several projects in place. At ALG pre-schools, hired in 2017, we have Abel at EFI and Cremilde at ESC who took on their new responsibilities with joy and expertise. In Chongoene we have Arnaldo – himself a promotor of ALG’s IT centre – and in Xai-Xai we have Hélder – one of our newest graduates, in Law! These technicians provide support and tenderness to children who have been growing up with us for the past years. Every one of them provides us details of the children they know so well, pictures of happy faces and reports on an unsustainable hut which makes us want to build a house...   we could not forget our dear Hilario, ALG’s General Coordinator and a friendly voice guiding all these youngsters. This Summer, Hilário gathered all the technicians in order to truly assess the difficulties and joys of working with ALG on the field. These meetings will happen again because at ALG we want you to be at your best to help our children which are at such a long distance!

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