Friday, December 22, 2017

Day 22: Thank you UPG Portugal volunteers!

This year it was Vírginia, Olga and Pedro turn to drop everything and travel to discover a new and unknown reality. They flew to Mozambique where they got in touch with new scents, new flavours, a new culture and new people who, with so little, can give so much. They did an outstanding job at SLM and SVP. Their activities focused on the pre-school, on supporting the technical courses, the children at the Day Care Centre, the study support initiatives and by setting up the Three Mosquiteers challenge.

During this Christmas season at headquarters we had, as per usual, our volunteers providing a great support, helping out with the Christmas post cards which bring so much joy to the UPG Sponsors. Thank you Manuela and Muno.

To the more than 30 volunteers who help us with our daily tasks, our heartfelt Thank You.

This year UPG Portugal, took a major step forward by acquiring the Salesforce CRM to improve our management skills, this help is still precious to us, so come and join us!! (contact us at:

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