Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Day 12: 3, 2, 1 Sebastião Cuna – UPG Portugal Sponsoring is making a difference

Sebastião Cuna, known as Fabito, joined the UPG Portugal Sponsoring Programme this year, and on the past 24th of October he celebrated his seventh birthday. He lives with his elderly grandpa who has difficulties in walking.
Fabito is fortunate to live nearby Sta. Luísa de Marillac’s school, in Manjangue, and he brags about his punctuality!

The support of his sponsors, financing a monthly Basic Basket, school uniform and materials, has helped him to feel part of our big family. We’ve been teaching him to be Happy and to Believe in a Different future … a better future!
Fabito loves a good picture, mainly when he is showing-off his nice clothes offered by his Sponsors with their generous extra contribution.

At Sta. Luísa Marillac school Sebastião and the other 900 students receive a daily meal sponsored by ALG.  

Now that the school year is over, we are certain he will move on to the 2nd Grade!

Congratulations Fabito! We’re so happy for you 

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