Monday, December 18, 2017

Day 17: Thank you to all the companies that joined us in 2017

ALG and UPG Portugal are so proud of having several Solidary and Friendly Companies in Portugal. Since day one PLMJ has provided us precious legal support. We have new initiatives dedicated to UPG such as a NUD with word search puzzles. Caia launched the gorgeous Solidary Caia.  Mii displays our clutches on their stands. Multicert is raising funds internally for UPG with lots or creativity. We cannot forget SETH, responsible for financing a large portion of the School Meals Programme benefiting 800 children on a daily basis, Ribacapital who promotes Merit Scholarships at EFI, and StepAhead responsible for revolutionising our management skills through its SalesForce ... so many initiatives, so many ways of helping us and our children.

We would also like to highlight ALG/UPG friendly schools, always present with enthusiastic children, who are our biggest ambassadors, stimulating our campaigns!

Each company or school, in their own way, choose how to support us and their favourite projects. A Great THANK YOU to all of them!

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