Thursday, January 31, 2013

More Food Arrives at the CRPE Orphan Centre!

Today Brother Licinio is in Maputo to buy new supplies to the Orphan Centre in Chinhacanine. He is using funds from our Emergency Fund, that you so generously contributed to this week, and also the goods donated at the campaign in the American School of Maputo. Today he will also purchase flour to take to the Centre as soon as possible.

Other good news is that several seminar students have been transferred to Chokwe to help the relief effort. There they are preparing meals and giving them to the neediest people under the supervision of Father Miguel. They are also selecting the most urgent intervention areas by visiting each neighborhood to assess how many sick, injured, elderly or immobile people there are so they have access to food also. They are bringing biscuits and porridge to the very young children and even milk to the babies born this week after the floods!

Brother Licinio will continue his efforts in the CRPE Orphan centre but also in Chokwe, where the “poorest of the poor” are based without being able to move into Chinhacanine. In Changalene (20kms from Chokwe)  there are already international health relief teams from Caritas, the Red Cross and Médicos do Mundo, who have established local support units this week.

If you live in Maputo or have friends there, you can still participate! Our campaign to gather donated goods continues, see more here: 

If you want to donate to our Emergency Fund, we are sending funds on a daily basis, every small donation helps!

Help our emergency appeal by making your donation here

Every Little Gesture Counts!

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