Sunday, January 27, 2013

Floods in Mozambique– Santa Luisa de Marillac School update

Chokwe village submersed on the 24 Jan 2013

The ALG Local Partners in Santa Luisa de Marillac school (“SLM”), Sister Lidia and Sister Beta, were evacuated to Maputo. Both Vicentine Sisters, they went against their will as they wanted to stay close to the school and the children in order to help but it was considered unsafe given their advanced age. Sister Esperança, a nurse, remained with the younger Sisters and the novices in Chokwé to assess the damages to the main house hosting the school.

While they are still unaware of the whereabouts of ay of the children, the good news is that there are currently no reports of casualties among the school population. The bigger problem at the moment is that the very poor population lost all the few personal belongings they had – family huts destroyed, all the house supplies, etc.  

Tomorrow, the Sister community will try to reach the Manjangue neighborhood where the SLM school is based, to clean up and access the extent of the damage. Before escaping from the invasion of the waters, they managed to put the computers and sewing machines from the technical courses on top of tables but it is not clear how high the water level went. The fridges, freezers and all small domestic appliances were already floating in the water when the Sisters escaped and there is no hope to save these.

Local news reports expect more rain and more water floods today despite the existing levels having lower already.

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