Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Flood Update: Road connections in affected areas partially reopened

Roads in the Chokwe region yesterday

Xai-Xai - Maputo: The road from Maputo to Xai-Xai has been reopened. This is very good news as the EN1 road access into Xai-Xai area and connets the North and South of the country. There is still water coming into downtown Xai-Xai but we receive reports the flow is becoming less intense.

Connection Monte Chirrundzo and Orphan Centre CRPE: with the enormous help of the Opway engineers in the area, as well as a few local military staff, we have together been able to move some lands and fill the pathways that were covered in water. This will allow the circulation of vehicles and therefore better access to emergency food supplies, first aid and water.

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