Wednesday, January 30, 2013

ALG Friends in Maputo needed!

In Maputo, a group of ALG Friends did not want to keep their arms crossed and started a joint initiative to gather food supplies and medicines to be sent to the affected flood areas. This local campaign is under the leadership of Sonia, one of the ALG friends based in town, who is putting all her efforts to help the communities in Chokwe, Xai-Xai and Chongoene.

The more urgent needs at the moment are food supplies (especially non-perishable or canned ones), water, zinc plaques (to provide make-shift shelter) and medicines, for malaria and diarrhea.  This initiative has the full support of the American School in Maputo, where the collection of donated goods will take place.

We will use part of our emergency funds to hire transportation of these goods from deposit to the affected areas, alongside the existing but insufficient means of transport of our Local Partners.

If you have friends in Maputo who may want to help, please contact us and help spread the word!!


Help our emergency appeal by making your donation here

Every Little Gesture Counts!

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