Sunday, January 27, 2013

Centre Reborn for Hope - Update on Emergency Flood Situation in Mozambique

The situation in Centre Reborn for Hope is not yet very encouraging and the UPG volunteers feel somewhat unable to deal with the lack of means to resolve the situation.  We are not just talking about financial means, but all the infra-structure associated to the floods.  The roads are blocked and broken in multiple places and there is still no access to the area from the outside.  The water from the water well is not enough for the population that came from the low lands to take rescue in Mount Chirrundzo, where the Centre is. 

Other news are more encouraging - the soldiers retained locally by the floods were now able to find a small boat that may help carry food supplies once brother Licinio is able to (finally) arrive to the area. 

From the "other side", Brother Licinio left Maputo at dawn with water, food and a power generator with his helper Joaquim and other Priests.  
The volunteers have taken encouragement in these news, and also as they heard of the word of mouth that starts to raise awareness for the local situation and all the funds that have been donated to ALG. 

The populations that were left homeless are now settling in next to the Center Reborn for Hope until further developments.

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