Thursday, January 24, 2013

Center Reborn for Hope / Orphanage - Floods Update

The local UPG volunteers are safe and starting to help with the first movements of humanitarian aid.  The Center Reborn for Hope is at the moment surrounded with about 2000-3000 people who are seeking the high lands to take refuge from the rising waters.  The volunteers are in contact with UPG and ALG, as well as the Local Partner Brother Licinio. 
Brother Licinio was in Maputo at the time of the first heavy rains and floods and is at the moment seeking to buy the first basic goods with the emergency fund created by ALG to try to reach Chinavane and help the families.  However, the roads are blocked, bridges have fallen and given the strenth of the rivers it is hard to guarantee when traffic will be able to flow.

In the last hours, a water tank car reached the Center and is now distributing safe water to the families camping around the center.  The families are trying to cook the food they brought with them in the dry areas.
The Engineers of the Company Opway (who live next to the center) are helping at the center and with the families and using a generator to help distributing water to the population.  The UPG volunteers are seeking to coordinate with the village heads to assist the water distribution and ensure its fairness.  The Engineers and Volunteers will also be helping setting up tents to host the refuge tents in Mount Chirrundzo, given more rain is expected to fall.

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