Saturday, January 26, 2013

Emergency Appeal - Update on the Floods (midday)

Our local partner Hilário was finally able to descend from the roof of his house, where the water lowered to knee high, by improvising a boot and a cane from his father, with the help from the neighbours.  He was able to go to Macia, 40km away, where he managed to get access to medical assistance.  He has now received medical care and has no fever, but he is still recovering from a very deep wound.  He was able to charge his phone and send us some news and is now trying to gather safe water to take back home. He reports that there is still some food in the village which people and families share amongst themselves.
Part of his report is beyond what we are able to conceive from this side of the world of A Little Gesture.  People relieve their basic needs wherever they can.  The children are thirsty and drink the stagnated waters from the floods unaware of the health hazard.

Brother Licínio @ Maputo
Brother Licinio has now received the generous offer from a power generator from the company Canon in Maputo.  This way he can now buy some mackerel for cooking and strengthen food aid for the children.  The problem of lack of petrol in the Mount Chirrundzo (Orphan Center CRPE - Reborn for Hope) is not yet resolved and the Brother is trying to bring it from Maputo.

Orphan Centre CRPE - Reborn for Hope 
The UPG Volunteers have done an evaluation of the river and it is still impossible that it can be crossed by vehicles. The only way to cross the river is swimming so Brother Licínio is now looking for adult volunteers in the area to be mobilized for the transport of goods to the other side of the river.  However, the current of the river is still too strong and this operation will not yet be possible today.  The water level is still very high and there are broken bridges and roads everywhere.
Alternatively, Brother Licinio is trying to reach out to find a boat locally to put the supplies, even if it has to be pushed manually.  Potentially, INGC (Government Calamity Entity) may have these support units and we are doing all we can to find these.
According to Brother Licinio “the supplies and the petrol simply MUST get there”.
A group of soldiers of the Mozambican army are also locked in the area and are trying to help as much as possible.  This morning, the UPG volunteers went around in the local jeep to collect iron bars and improvise tents for the families.  Their biggest frustration is “not to be able to help all of those in need”.
Cell phone networks are now being disconnected in the area.

Water keeps flowing heavily into downtown Xai-Xai and the area is about to be submerged.  The support is arriving and there is movement of trucks carrying people and goods to the highest areas.
Sisters Beta and Helena, in one of our supported schools Escolinha do André, are now giving full priority to the families without a home. 

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